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The end of the last century was pivotal for scientific discovery. Technological advances started moving at a great pace and this is especially true for DNA research. Unlocking the structure of the DNA helix was one of the greatest advances of our time; and with it, we have the possibility to use these innovative technologies in new and exciting ways. This is why the Thomas Endeavour was created. Our founder, Thomas Haizel PhD, is following his lifelong passion to bring the very best scientific minds, processes and technologies, all under one umbrella and harvests the benefits of these to improve the lifestyle, and life prospects, of individuals and families across the globe.

The Thomas Endeavour group of Companies


Nkaarco Diagnostics

A rapidly growing UK based Laboratory focusing on genomics, helping individuals maximise their ability to live well and feel good physically. We provide a number of services aimed at informing the individual about their health and well-being at a genetic level. Tests include, Nutrigenomics, Gut Health and Clinical Diagnostics. In addition, we offer a wide range of supplements including probiotics, vitamins and health drinks providing additional support for many health issues.

Anglia DNA Services

Anglia DNA Services is one of Britain’s leading independent laboratories offering a wide range of drug, alcohol and DNA testing solutions for court directed, professional and private individuals. We provide bespoke testing with a quick and reliable service putting our clients’ business at the heart of ours. With a worldwide collector network and dedicated client managers, we ensure full case management at each stage. Our next day DNA service sets the standard for DNA testing and the 3 to 5 working day turnaround for drug and alcohol testing sets us apart from other laboratories.



IDNA Genetics

IDna Genetics is an independent UK laboratory providing genetic analytical services and research. Our cutting-edge services include genotyping and GMO testing for plant breeding and seed development as well as offering applications for human genetic profiling for industry and academia. Our business can provide on-demand R&D contracts and consulting services focusing on Marker and assay development, construction of genetic maps and molecular marker databases and Map-Based cloning.

Assure DNA

Assure DNA is a trusted brand of Anglia DNA Services, which is an independent UK laboratory, specialising in DNA paternity and relationship testing. Using the latest research and cutting-edge technology, our pioneering work over the last decade led us to develop the first DNA paternity testing kit available on the high street. Since then we have continued to grow our reputation for excellence in DNA relationship testing, with fast turnaround results and fantastic customer service. Exclusively available at Boots.com



Claritest are industry leaders in workplace, point of care and alcohol testing. Our commitment to our clients ensures that each one receives a personal, flexible and cost effective solution to their testing requirements. A dedicated client manager will ensure each case is managed at all times throughout the testing process. We are routinely asked to provide solutions for pre-employment drug and alcohol, random and workplace testing. Being experts in ‘with cause’ screening we can write drug and alcohol policies for organisations of any size ensuring they are compliant with all necessary regulations.



Unlock your genetic heritage with Ancestry, a trusted Nkaarco Diagnostics brand. As human beings, we’re naturally curious and many people want to know where they come from and unlock their ancestry. Using your DNA and our quick and easy service, we can determine which world-wide regions and ethnicities you originate from

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